High Voltage!

Jacobs Ladder

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I built this 12 volt busybox as a science project about 1990. My scratch built electric motor serves to trigger a Duraspark electronic ignition. Two coils phased opposite supply spark to power a 2 foot tall Jacobs ladder and neon lite, active plasma globe, plus various other features.

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Oudin Coil

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Tesla coils seem to have a mind of thier own. This example was built by the author around 1992. Powered by a 15k neon transformer, the plasma ball on top can be adjusted with a vacuum pump. The neon filled bulb glows bright orange and emits brilliant sprays of crackling violet light. Rows of 12''square glass plates lined with aluminum foil handle capacitance.

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One More short clip

A simple ''Jacobs ladder'' was made from the same type transformer as my Tesla Coil. volts 013