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Regular preventive maintenance is an integral part of owning any vehicle, especially if it is rarely driven. When lubricants age, they have a tendency to collect dust as their solvents evaporate leaving them hard and dry. This hardening causes excessive friction or sticking, often to such a point as to cause the ''wear factor'' to increase exponentially (a door latch for example) and to develop premature failure. A little squirt of automatic trans. fluid will re-vitalize most lubricants, and it is long lasting. For door hinge checks, ''Door Ease'' wax stick or equivalent works best.

When your car was shiny and new, tucked away in the glove box was copy of the ''Owners Manual''. If your car buyer elected to purchase the warranty, their " Friendly '' Ford dealer would perform basic specified services based on milage or time (whichever comes first). Listed in the Owners Manual is a chart designating precisely each required service pertaining to every warranty period (generally six thousand miles ). Other useful information can be found such as fuse types and location, light bulb chart, correct lubricants and fluids, capacities and much more!

I suggest ALL car owners read their entire Owners Manual, particularly the maintenance section!

If you don't have an Owners Manual, they are available through Shasta Mustang Supply, for only about ten dollars.

Following these guidelines, along with exercising common sense, will greatly increase your vehicles longevity (and value). At Shasta Mustang Supply, routine maintenance is a specialty.