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When I was a lad, plastic model car kits were a passion of my brother and I.

In those days, instruction sheets were all printed in english with a multitude of tips and suggestions that stimulated interest.

We preferred ''AMT '' 3 in 1 kits. Stock/Custom /Racing versions of the vehicle were included in each kit. Many options could be mixed or matched to suit the builders desires. Left over extra parts could be reused to revive an old specimen from our collective ''boneyard''. Engine and drivetrain swaps were common.


With my steady young hand, I became talented in time consuming detail .

Some car models seemed to beg for customizing, while others deserved a faithful representation of the original vehicle. Variety was explored as time progressed. Customizing attempts tantalized the imagination to develop unique techniques.

In many ways, building a classic Mustang parallels the lessons learned from my experiences in building these old kits.

Take your time and concentrate on each phase of restoration and follow the correct sequence of assembly, and success will be yours.

When re-building or modifying a Mustang, carefull consideration must be given to all factors concerning the project before work is begun.

d.t. shasmu'08