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TIP #7

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Occasionally when working on an old car, frustration can cause some people to display their dissatisfaction with fits of anger. Self control slips away as a tapestry of vulgarities spew from their irate lips. Tools fly across the room and tinkle their note as they hit the floor.

Tempers rage when wrenches slip on rounded nuts and the knuckle sacrifices another chunk of meat.

Rusted bolts that break off flush and in need of removal, in a confined location, could provoke a tantrum of gargantuous proportions.

That horrible smell of wire insulation burning as you learn about grounded electrical circuits and amature stereo installations. Batteries that refuse to remain charged.

Dirt and rust falling into your eyeball, repeatedly, while lying on your back.

Flooding carburetors and crossed spark plug wires.

Fluids leaking at every opportunity.

Just as you begin to believe your car is resisting all your attempts, and you are filled with discouragement and despair, you notice a sinister little gremlin, peeking around the corner, snickering....

Hold fast to your confidence and persevere, you will overcome your obstacles with determination, not frustration. Reap the rewards of your efforts with peace of mind, knowing the pride of a job well done.

Keep looking up!