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Mustang has always been a favorite for the youngsters first vehicle. Mustang's popularity endures the passage of time, mainly due to its simplicity of design while sporting a stylish profile at any angle. Peppy performance and durability also adds appeal to the youthful market. Special appointments and optional features enhances desirability.

If you have been searching for that special classic Mustang, keep in mind the age factor that contributes to the attrition of nearly every specimen on today's market. Finding a pristine example is a very difficult prospect. One-owner low milage garage kept Mustangs are as hard to find as hairs on a frogs back .

Mustangs were produced in such numbers that for decades it appeared there was an infinite supply for affordable transportation and parts cars, they were prolific in parking lots, and plentiful in the backyards and driveways of America. Most auto wreckers had several to pick from. The times, they are a changin'.

You can't judge a horse by it's color!

People routinely ask me what a Mustang is worth, my standard reply is ''whatever someone is willing to pay for it." People mistakenly assume price always determines condition. This is not always the case, glitzy paint jobs often mask underlying atrocities.

Many people have established a set price in their heads which they are willing to pay and don't believe a lower priced example could meet their expectations. Sometimes looks can be deceiving.

The first step is to find a candidate that you feel deserves to be your project. Inspect it carefully, to reduce the possibility of future disappointments, or excessive expenditures to correct any unnoticed deficiencies. If you feel uncomfortable inspecting a vehicle, recruit someone who is knowledgeable about potential maladies, that can be present in any used vehicle. Consideration of his advice as a second opinion can often prove to be a valuable bargaining tool.

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