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California Department of Consumers Affairs requires auto repair businesses to be registered with the ''Bureau of Automotive Repairs''. Every auto repair shop must pay a moderate annual renewal fee to remain registered '' in accordance with the automotive repair act of 1971''.

One of the stipulations of this act requires shops to display this sign that explains the customer's legal rights. Ronald Reagan at that time was the Governor of California, as evidenced on the lower portion of this sign. Only early examples of this sign mention Reagans name.

Recently an addition was included which states the '' Bureau's internet website" as being ''www.autorepairs.ca gov '', for additional information or assistance.

I strongly recommend for anyone seeking automotive repairs to choose a proprietor that displays this plaque! It protects you from unscrupulous business practices and is mandatory by the State of California.

Incidently, just because a business displays this sign, it doesn't mean it is registered. Anybody can make or buy a sign. The business is also required to post in a conspicuous location, their current registration certificate, business license and resale license. ALL must be in public view. Every California auto repair shop must possess a valid B.A.R. registration number.

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