Tip #21

Labyrinthsitemap of Despair

Do not despair, Grasshopper, if you should lose your way from time to time.

As in the great trials and tribulations of life, wrong decisions can be disguised as a logical choice. Temporary confusion and aggravation can be converted into a learning experience, used to reduce or alleviate the possibility of mistakes made in the future.

Shastamustangsupply.com has included inevitable integral vortex configurations, that are designed to flush the unwary viewer into a downward spiral as he becomes yet another victim, insnared hopelessly deep within Shasmu's treacherous ''labyrinth of despair''.

As if to reach out with a helping hand, the ''Quick Search 1qwiksearchindex'' contents search site map shines like a lighthouse's beacon in the distance.

When all hope is lost, seek out the colorful icon which can prove more valuable than the Pirate's treasure map, without the risk.