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Just as different as the era from whence the classic muscle cars emerged was from today, super cars that evolved have inherited the complexities necessary to adapt in a world of ever increasing populus.

Attitudes, opinions, even lifestyles that were common place, are shunned by society nowadays, yet acceptable things in today's society would have been a disgrace to previous generations.

Progress and overpopulation spawn necessity to conform. Individuality is challenged, and competition grows more acute. Adaptation and free thinking becomes a blur as the very soul is bombarded by propaganda. Stress becomes the order of the day, while order becomes the stress of the day.

Is it any wonder why people seek out to embrace a piece of proven American heritage? Driving down most any street in a classic Mustang can ease the tensions of everyday life. Although it's nothing more than an ordinary old car, the feeling you get when you realize how many people give you the thumbs up sign, or exclaim ''nice car'' or the famous ''what year is your Mustang", makes you feel like dignitary. To me, something that is so well accepted by society deserves to be not only preserved, but driven, and to be enjoyed by all.

So, I respectfully request all of you who own a Mustang, to make America a nicer place in which to live, by sharing its graceful lines for all to enjoy !!