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In the pursuit of parts, consider more than just cost for your determining factor. There are many manufacturers of reproduction parts. Not all repro parts are created equal.

Because of Mustangs consistent popularity and availability, demand for restoration products remains strong. Quality often suffers as manufactures cut costs as an attempt to sell an inferior product in today's competitive market. Sometimes reproduction parts will not even fit or do not come close to duplicating the original in appearance.

The restorer must make a difficult decision of which parts to use that will provide the best service and fit to guarantee a top notch finished product.

True, parts can be returned to the supplier, but this inconvenience can generally be avoided if the parts could be seen and compared before ordering.

Having someone in the Classic Mustang business that uses these parts on a consistent basis could prove to be your most valuable asset. Many times certain reproduction parts take special techniques to insure an acceptable fit. I've been working on Classic Mustangs for myself and others since 1974. My experiences have given me an excellent understanding of most all the weaknesses, and services necessary to avoid mechanical complications or failures for any model or year of classic 'Stang.

Always keep in mind that your vehicle should be a source of pleasure. Don't stress about deadlines, plan ahead and order your parts early, just to insure your pride and joy is at it's best when the time arrives.

Shasta Mustang Supply is not limited to just one single supplier, although Scott Drake is the main supplier, many other parts sources are also in my arsenal.

When your Mustang needs service, parts or advice, think Shasta Mustang Supply. I'm here to help.