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TIP # 18

Spring Time

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When the first blossoms open and birds begin to chirp, the classic cars begin to swarm the streets, as a sense of urgency overcomes the unprepared.

With beautiful Spring weather comes the car shows, which so accurately defines the efforts and expertise involved to produce another fresh flock of precious possessions.

Panic and irritability for the unfinished builders intensify, as that big car show draws near. Having set a goal for completion always seems to result in compromised quality as work tends to be done hastily. Deadline dilemmas are often aggravating when the final parts are not available or carelessness causes complications.

When you feel quality will be sacrificed, step back and re-assess your project. Reflect on the many hours invested in your attempt to produce the best product possible. Is it worth the stress, purely for the sake of the first opportunity to display your achievements, if they don't match your true full potential ?

Time draws near, my friend. Don't be the one that must explain either why the car is not done, or the cause of it's lowered standards.

Surprise the pack at the next show with meticulous workmanship and attention to detail. Realize that good things take time as well as a dedicated effort.