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Selling a car can be quite an adventure. It seems as though when you have a car that you don't wish to sell, everybody wants it. On the flip side, when they know you are selling, hesitation and retreat are their response.

Why are things more enticing when they are beyond reach?

Human nature instills a set of instincts which overpowers rational thought. Competition, envy, lust, conquest and power have always been civilizations nemesis . Man becomes befuddled when in a quandary.

When the owner decides to part with his vehicle, people assume there must be a reason for his waning desire. Suddenly a red flag is raised in the prospective buyers mind. Caution and reality blast his senses as he assesses the sacrifices necessary to procure this coveted item.

The selling of a vehicle has been compared to going fishing. Presentation is almost as important as the bait when attempting to attract buyers attention.

Finding the right buyer is essential. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it seems impossible to find that special victim who's willing to accept the ramifications of the transaction. Time and advertising increases exposure to perspective purchasers.

The all mighty dollar plays a key roll in nearly every transaction. Impulse works to the sellers advantage. No one wishes to boast to his peers of his acquisition if he paid slightly more than fair market value.

Bragging rights are instantly bestowed onto those who feel they received the better part of the deal, or if the lopsidedness of the deal took advantage of the other party's interests.

Setting the asking price slightly below the perceived value can often coax that potential buyer to jump at the bait. Set the hook, securing the deal.

Fill out the bill of sale, sign the ''pink slip'', relinquish the keys and send in your release of liability, then run to the bank.