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Because Mustang enjoyed such phenomenal sales success, finding common examples does not require excessive effort. Multitudes of Mustangs with extremely low production figures were built, many still exist .

Rarity of any particular model does not always guarantee its value to skyrocket. Supply and demand focuses on shortages of well appointed or special interest and high performance cars.

Entertainment media often brings certain Mustangs into the spotlight and deliberately distorts the publics perception of its capabilities and availability. Hollywood has always had a romance with the Mustang. This arrangement works well to keep peoples interest strong and resale values high.

Restoration costs of most versions fall within certain parameters. Initial outlay as an investment can pay big dividends on certain highly sought after editions. Conversely, deception or misrepresentation of cars that are built as ''clones'' are in reality counterfeit attempts to ''cash in'' on the originals scarcity and desirability.

Caveat emptor ( let the buyer beware) applies as research into your procurement is necessary to assure a sound investment.

Every single day people get hornswaggled by unscrupulous scallywags. Knowledge is the best hedge.

Buy it if you like it, pleasure of ownership outweighs initial outlay, just use caution if second thoughts exist. Never assume a vehicle with a twisted paper trail. INSIST ON A CLEAN TITLE. Double check VIN #s to make sure they reflect those of the vehicle in question. Data plates located on the drivers door are nice for information, but are not legal for identification.

Don't be foolish in your acquisition. Blue stripes painted on a white Mustang doesn't make it a rare zebra !