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Seasoned Metal

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Metal becomes more tasty with age. The reason for this phenomena is the tempering effect heat and cold play on the metals molecular composition.

When steel is fresh or ''green'', it is more malleable which makes it easily formed in the dies under extremes of pressure. Metal actually flows to different areas as it is pressed. Thickness varies in these areas depending on shape and/or contours imposed.

Through the aging process, temperature differentials, and other elements (humidity, oxygen etc.) work to harden the metal until it has greater tensile strength, and as a result, it is less vulnerable to small dings and dents.

Working with seasoned metal differs in techniques as more pressure is required to manipulate its form.

Engine blocks and components constructed of cast iron also harden as time passes. Seasoned engines are preferred over green castings for this reason. Machining of seasoned cast iron remains more consistent because the metal has become more stable.

Recently cryogenics research has developed technology that reduces to hours what used to take years to accomplish, due to extremes of temperature imposed under controlled conditions.