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Tail Light Remedies


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Intermittent or non-functional tail lights can be a real source of aggravation for first generation Mustang owners.


Many malfunctions can occur causing lighting failure.


The old socket is pressed out of the tail light housing. Penetrating fluid can aid in the removal of socket.


The new socket comes complete with different pigtail. Notice the sloppy fit when the new socket is slipped into tail light housing.


If your new socket isn't tight in the housing, remove the sockets ''guts'' and sand off cadmium plating before silver soldering in place with pencil torch.


The new socket's pigtail incorporates a ground wire, connect this to tail light mounting studs. The other two wires feed the tail and brake/turn signal filaments. Clip body's ''feed'' loom and solder& heat shrink tube connector to their appropriate locations.

Test to insure proper tail and brake light operation. Use new tail light housing and lens pads for continued satisfactory service.

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