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Sometimes a lock needs to be replaced (or ignition cyl). If you prefer to use your original key, here's how it's done!
The method used here is the same in most keyed tumbler type locks.

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If you have your old lock, the pins can be reused. Keep them in order!
Start by carefully removing the cover which is staked at the ends. Next, cover all the pins except one, and tap the unit on a hard surface to dislodge one pin set at a time.

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The tumbler pins come in several different lengths, to match the depth of each notch in the key.


A little lock lube helps you feel the pins fit better. Start with the notch farthest back of the key.
Deep notch, long pin. Shallow notch, short pin.


The lock assembly has a cylinder inside with a series of holes that match the notches in the key.

I use a rod to tamp the pin in and to feel the pin in the hole as the cylinder is turned. The pin must be level with the top of the cylinder's drum.


Each pin has a mate that goes in the same hole directly above the first pin. The small spring keeps tension on the pins against the key. Make sure each pin works before trying the next one.


When all the pins allow the cylinder to rotate with the key, put the cover back over the tumblers and give it a final test before re-installing in car.