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Upper Control Arm Replaced / Disk Brake Conversion, 1966 Convertible. discbrake 005


After failing the front brake inspection, it was decided an upgrade to four piston caliper type disk brake conversion would be appropriate. Rotor size is 11.25'' and interchanges with Ford!

discbrake 007discbrake 008discbrake 011

When the box arrived a few days later, it weighed 74#. Upon opening and inspection/ inventory it was found to be missing the brake caliper fluid transfer lines. Everything else was of superb quality, although the ''instruction sheet '' was merely a blurry exploded view copy.

discbrake 013discbrake 014discbrake 015

We will replace the left upper ''A'' arm, spring seat and insulator before the disk brake conversion can begin.

Start by blocking behind a back tire. Jack up front of car.Place jackstands. BE CAREFULL.

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