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Automatic Shifter Service

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The door feels good and solid when you open it to slide in behind the wheel. The instrument panel's reflecting surfaces give off a hundred points of glistening light. A turn of the key and the little 289 4v engine purrs contently beneath the Poppy Red '65 Mustang convertible's hood. You grab the automatic's shifter handle to put it in gear and you notice immediately how sloppy the shifter feels.

Head directly to Shasta Mustang Supply for shifter bushing and seal replacement service.

Follow along and you'll see how a sloppy automatic shifter can be rejuvenated !!

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Set the parking brake or block the wheels to avoid an unfortunate incident.

Use an allen wrench to remove the set screw of the shifter handle. DO NOT TWIST the handle, pull it straight up.

Phillips screwdriver removes the four shifter bezel retaining screws.

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Remove the adapter plate.

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The indicator light unit should glow when the ignition switch in turned to the ''on'' position. Squeeze to remove.

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Remove the lever retaining nut with a 9/16 boxend wrench. This is tight quarters.

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Belly button lint. There was a brand new trunk lid key under the fuzz! Here's the new bushings. Use a jack stand.

65shifter 03165shifter 03565shifter 036

Under the car, lube the bushing and the shifter shaft and push it back into the shifter housing.

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Back on top, lube and slide the other bushing in place. Re-install shifter lever and nut. Check the indicator bulb.

65shifter 04465shifter 04665shifter 049

This bulb was fried so it got replaced. With the key on, we now have light. Looks like this seal has seen better days.

65shifter 05065shifter 05365shifter 055

Gently pry the old seal off at the bezel's studs with a screwdriver. Spread the new seal slightly.

65shifter 05765shifter 05965shifter 060

The new seal is located at the pegs and peened over to hold in place.

65shifter 06265shifter 06865shifter 070

Clean with 000 steel wool. Mask and repaint the bezel's camera case texture satin black. Clean overspray from chrome as necessary. Smear a little silicone grease on the rubber seal and re-install bezel.

65shifter 07165shifter 07265shifter 074

Keep the ''lips'' of the seal pushed inward so it doesn't snag and pull against the bezel when shifting.

Don't twist the handle when installing. Sometimes this part can be a bit reluctant. Jiggle the button. Be patient.

Check proper operation of the neutral safety switch, and adjust if necessary at the transmission.

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Enjoy your drive.

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