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Installing Electronic Ignition ''PERTRONIX IGNITOR'' :vacadv 008

Some of the most common complaints from owners of classic vehicles is poor performance or "engine miss." Fuel mileage and hard starting are other concerns.

Many factors may contribute to these conditions, however in my opinion old fashioned points, or breaker type ignition is the first place to check!

Without having any mechanical or moving parts the IGNITOR has the advantage of delivering a much more consistant spark. Dwell and ign. timing remain constant.

The beauty of the IGNITOR is in it's simplicity to install while maintaining a stock appearance. Cost is a paltry $69 from SHASTA MUSTANG SUPPLY.

Made in California, the IGNITOR carries a 30 month guaranty!!!! I've installed plenty (for about $25) and have NEVER had one fail.


standard screwdriver, 5/16 wrench, wire crimping pliers, wire cutting pliers

Without the engine running, pop off the distributer cap retaining clips, remove cap (not your hat) leave spark plug wires intact. Pull off the rotor. Inspect these things.

Remove points and condenser mounting screws . A magnetized screwdriver works well, DON'T DROP SCREWS into the distributer cavity!

Remove distributer lead wire at coil negative terminal (the wire that ''feeds" the points). Pull the grommet through the distributer case. Remove points assembly.

Take your IGNITOR, instruction sheet, magnetic ring, and the bag of goodies out of the box. Read the propaganda and study the instructions.

The wires have a grommet that fits most distributers, if yours has the small hole, gently squeeze the connector ends to facilitate passing through the opening . Locate holes on breaker plate and attach magnetic pick-up using longer screw (provided). Wires go to the coil. The red wire goes to coil positive (the ignition switch side), black to coil negative .

Slip magnetic ring over rotor shaft on distributer, adjust gap using plastic feeler gauge. (included).

This would be a good time to check the spark advance diaphragm. Suck on vacuum tube to determine if it holds vacuum and moves breaker plate. If found to be bad, replace with a new unit and adjust with small allen wrench to specs as per instruction sheet.

Replace the rotor and distributer cap.

Start the engine. I recommend checking ignition timing (6-12 btc initial) idle speed, and fuel mixture adustments.

Take your machine on a long and satisfying test drive!

. Dave

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