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Ignition Switch Replacement


Removal of the ignition switch with the key is a much simpler process than without it on the 65-66 Mustangs.

With key inserted, turn to accessories position (counter clockwise) .With a small paper clip inserted in the tiny hole in the cylinder (gently) push in on clip to depress the hidden detent plunger and turn key counter clockwise one more click. The key will face about the 9 o'clock position. Jiggle and pull key and cyl. assembly from switch, study key/cyl. position and detent.

With the cyl. removed, notice that the accessories still receive power, either use a screwdriver in ign. switch to turn two clicks clockwise to ''off'' position or disconnect battery ground cable.

Because space is limited under the dash, sometimes it may be easier to access by removing the instrument cluster first (oh boy). On 67-68 ash tray and mount removal helps.

For 67-9 the bezel unscrews from front. For 65-66 models, DO NOT attempt to turn chrome bezel, reach under dash, push in on switch body (it's spring loaded) and turn counter clockwise while holding in on the bezel with your other hand. The ignition switch will separate from the bezel in much the same manner as an 1157 or tail/park light bulb. That is to say it has two alignment pegs that fit into slots at the rear of the bezel.

Inspect/study bezel and switch as to size and depth of retaining slots for ease of reassembly.

If you are replacing the whole ign switch, disconnect battery and remove nut from accessories stud that protrudes from the rear of switch. Carefully wiggle and pull the rubber connecter from the Bakelite portion which is staked onto the switch. Often an ign. switch that is intermittent in operation can be repaired by tightwads like me by carefully re-staking aluminum switch to bakelite back.

Save your old ign. switch spacer to reuse on 65-66 with new switch. Maybe replace the bezel, a new one will set you back less than ten bucks at Shasta Mustang.

Please note: If buying a new ign. switch from a parts house, bear in mind that Ford introduced ''keyless locking'' in 1966 on most vehicles, so specify a 65-66 Mustang switch, to ensure compatibility. 67&68-9 use their own specific switches that do not directly interchange.

Look inside the switch and confirm the tiny spring in the deep center slot is there. Look for a dab of grease that is used to keep this tiny spring in it's proper place. The spring in necessary to keep pressure on the electrical contacts in the switch preventing intermittent operation. (phantom)

Before attempting to re-install switch be sure to reset both the cylinder and ignition switch each to their proper position (9 o'clock). During install, on 65-6 , hold the bezel in place while pushing in then turning the switch body. Align and slide cyl and key into bezel, turn key clockwise to lock into place. Re-attach battery cable

Jump up into the air several times while waving your arms and yelling ''I did it!!"

Cost of labor for typical '65-'66 ignition switch replacement from Shasta Mustang? Ten Dollars.