Dad is living in Oregon. His current project is his '40 LaSalle coupe street rod. Powered by a 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine. NICE!

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May '09 update

Beautiful maroon paint now graces the arrow straight body. 1940 was the last year for the LaSalle line which was built by G.M. in their Cadillac plant.

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Keeping with the luxury theme, Buzz added such options as tilt steering wheel, power windows, power 4 wheel disk brakes, A/C, automatic trans., custom instruments, Ford 9''rear end and power steering.

lasalle 016lasalle 023lasalle 029


Here is a picture from the internet of a stock version of the same model '40 LaSalle coupe.

lasalle 056bikerbuzzgoesbuzz2009

Dad's 78th birthday fell on Memorial Day last year which gave a superb cause to go on a 3 day visiting excursion. Buzz hopped on Brandon's 700 Yamaha and went for a test drive!

Update Aug10,09

Dad picked up his LaSalle, with fresh upholstery from Chico,Ca. after he returned from the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Here is a picture of the speedster my Dad was scheduled ot drive, but conditions prevented.


40lasalle 00940lasalle 01040lasalle 011

Firebird donor car sacrificed it's front clip, enabled suspension upgrades.

40lasalle 01240lasalle 01440lasalle 013

40lasalle 01540lasalle 018

40lasalle 02740lasalle 02140lasalle 022

40lasalle 02540lasalle 03040lasalle 031

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