1967 Cougar XR7 390 GT


Mercury's entry into the ponycar market catered to those customer's who preferred a splash of elegance and luxury with a sporty flair.

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Cougar's hide-away headlights, sequential rear turn signals and unique body contours render the crisp new Cat as an easily recognizable specimen amongst the ponycar crowd.

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Paul's desirable ''S'' code 390 cubic inch engine upgrade included a 4 barrel carburetor and a mandatory GT option upgrade for the big block engine.

This car was refinished in it's beautiful shimmering white with a frosting of pearlescent silver.

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Tastefully decorated by Redding's own master of the pinstripe, Howard Zellar!

Straight and rust free body gives evidence that this has enjoyed many years of a pampered existence!

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The original leather upholstery, as well as practically all of the interior, remain intact.

All electrical and vacuum systems are fully functional, and have absolutely no issues.

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