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1970 was another successful year for Mustang's performance image. Parnelli Jones and George Follmer proved to be formidable contenders, piloting their Boss 302s in the S.C.C.A Trans Am racing series.

Drag racers enjoyed the Boss 429 with it's twisted hemi racing heads. Originally designed by Ford for NASCAR racing, it featured 570 horsepower with 420 foot-pounds of torque from the factory! Kar Kraft, a small assembly line in Brighton, Michigan, modified these limited production super cars and installed the potent Boss engine.Technology evolved rapidly.

Turmoil in Ford's upper ranks scaled back 75 % on factory motorsports racing sponsorships. Tumble weeds blew across the finish line at Fords test tracks.

Meanwhile the beautiful 1970 Mustangs received minor, (but noticeable) refinements, making them easy to distinguish from the previous year's model. Sales were tapering off and Ford was tooling up to modify the mighty Mach 1 Mustang for it's metamorphosis as it merged majestically into massive muscle-car market mania. Mmm.

Engine selections remained the same as '69 but with two very important differences.The old 390 fe engine was dropped from the lineup. The new race-bred ''Cleveland 351'' was added.

Although just introduced in 1969 the ''351 Windsor'' was a light weight extension of the dependable 221-302 cid V-8s, in 1970 the heavy weight canted valve ''Cleveland'' 351 with it's huge valves and ports was , engine codes remained the same for 351s as 1969, ''M'' designated 351 4V while an ''H'' code stood for a two barrel 351.

Auto makers were feeling opposition by many to the horsepower wars that were getting out of hand.

When the 1970 production had ended and figures tallied, Mustang had sold a total of 190,727 units. This figure was down by over 100,000 from 1969.


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1970 Mustang Production Numbers

Retail Prices

Engine Codes

Exterior Colors

63A 2dr Fastback: 39,470
65A 2dr Hardtop: 77,161
76A Convertible: 6,199
65B 2dr Hardtop: 5,408
63B 2dr Fastback: 6,464
76B Convertible: 1,474
63C Fastback, Mach 1: 40,970
65E 2dr Hardtop, Grande: 13,581
Total: 190,727

Specials (included in above figures):
Boss 302: 7,012
Boss 429: 499

Convertible, standard $3,025
Coupe, standard $2,721
Coupe, Grande, standard $2,926
Fastback, standard $2,771
Boss 302 $3,720
Boss 429 $4,928

200 cid 1V 6cyl 120 hp T
250 cid 1V 6cyl 155 hp L
302 cid 2v V-8 220 hp F
302 cid 4v V-8 290 hp (Boss) G
351 cid 2v V-8 250 hp (351W & 351C) H
351 cid 4v V-8 300 hp M
428 cid 4v V-8 335 hp (CJ) Q
428 cid 4v V-8 335 hp (CJ-R) R
429 cid 4v V-8 375 hp (Boss) Z

Raven Black A
Dark Ivy Green Metallic C
Yellow D
Medium Lime Metallic G
Grabber Blue J
Bright Gold Metallic K
Wimbeldon White M
Pastel Blue N
Medium Blue Metallic Q
Medium Gold Metallic S
Red T
Grabber Orange U
Grabber Green Z
Calypso Coral 1
Light Ivy Yellow 2
Silver Blue Metallic 6

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Interior Trim Code

250cid 155hp 6cyl extra charge over 200cid 6cyl 39.00
302cid 220hp V-8 extra charge over 200cid 6cyl 101.00
351cid 250hp V-8 extra charge over 302cid V-8 45.00
351cid 300hp V-8 extra charge over 302cid V-8 93.00
Mach 1 over 351cid 250hp 48.00
428cid 335hp Cobra V8 extra charge over 302 356.00
Mach 1 over 351cid 250hp 311.00
428cid 335hp Cobra Jet Ram Air (except Mach 1) 421.00
Mach 1 over 351cid 250hp 376.00
Boss 429cid 4V V-8 1,208.00
SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic (except 428) 201.00
with 428 V-8s 222.00
4-speed manual transmission, 302, 351, 428 V-8s 205.00
Power front disc brakes (NA 200cid 6cyl) 65.00
Power steering 95.00
SelectAire air conditioner (NA w/200cid, Boss 302, 428cid w/4-speed manual) 380.00
Electric clock, rectangular (NA Grande, Mach 1 or Decor Group) 16.00
Electric clock, round, Decor Group only (std. Grande, Mach 1) 16.00
Console 54.00
Convenience Group, Grande, Mach 1, Boss 302 & Decor Group) 32.00
All others 45.00
Rear window defrogger, 2dr Hardtops 26.00
Color-keyed dual racing mirrors 26.00
Deluxe seatbelts with reminder light 15.00
Rear Sport Deck seat (SportsRoof) 97.00
Rim Blow Deluxe steering wheel 39.00
Tilt steering wheel 45.00
Intermittent windshield wipers 26.00
Space-saver spare (std. Boss 302, NA 200cid 6cyl)
w/E70 or F70x14 WSW or RWL tires 7.00
w/E78x14 WSW tires 13.00
w/E78x14 BSW tires 20.00
AM radio 61.00
AM/FM radio 214.00
Sterosonic tape (AM radio required) 134.00
Front bumper gaurds 13.00
Decor Group, Boss 302 and other models 78.00
Convertibles 97.00
Rocker panel molding (std. Decor Group, NA Grande, Mach 1, or Boss 302) 16.00
Dual accent paint stripes, Mach 1 13.00
Vinyl roof (hardtop and Grande) 26.00
Sport Slats (requires dual racing mirrors) 65.00
Trim rings/hubcaps (std. Boss 302) 26.00
Wheel covers (std. Grande) 26.00
Sports wheel covers, Grande, Boss 302 32.00
All others 58.00
Wire wheel covers (std. Grande) 53.00
All others 79.00
Magnum 500 chrome wheels, Boss 302 only 129.00
Argent style steel wheels, Grande (NC Mach 1) 32.00
All others 58.00
Drag Pack axle, 428cid w/3:91 & 4:30 ratios 155.00
Optional ratio axle 13.00
Traction-Lok differential axle 43.00
Heavy-duty 55amp battery 13.00
Heavy duty 70amp battery 13.00
Extra cooling package 13.00
Shaker hood scope, Boss 302, 351 65.00
Rear deck spoiler, SportsRoof only 20.00
Quick ratio steering (std. Boss 302) 16.00
Competition Suspension (NA 6cyl) 31.00
Tachometer and trip odometer (NA 6cyl) 54.00
Black vinyl BA
Blue vinyl BB
Vermillion vinyl BE
Ginger vinyl BF
Ivy vinyl BG
White vinyl BW
Black comfortweave vinyl EA
Blue comfortweave vinyl EB
Ivy comfortweave vinyl EG
White comfortweave vinyl EW
Black comfortweave vinyl TA
Blue comfortweave vinyl TB
Ivy comfortweave vinyl TG
White comfortweave vinyl TW
Vermillion Blazer Stripe cloth UE
Ginger Blazer Stripe cloth UF
Vermillion Blazer Stripe cloth CE
Ginger Blazer Stripe cloth CF
Black Houndstooth cloth & vinyl AA
Blue Houndstooth cloth & vinyl AB
Vermillion Houndstooth cloth & vinyl AE
Ginger Houndstooth cloth & vinyl AF
Ivy Houndstooth cloth & vinyl AG
Black Mach 1 knitted vinyl 3A
Blue Mach 1 knitted vinyl 3B
Ivy Mach 1 knitted vinyl 3G
White Mach 1 knitted vinyl 3W
Vermillion Mach 1 knitted vinyl 3E
Ginger Mach 1 knitted vinyl 3F

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