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Because of an increased concern for safety in automobiles, due in part by the efforts of Ralph Nader, shoulder harnesses were now mandatory, side marker reflectors and front marker lights, collapsible steering columns and a redesigned padded steering wheel were also necessary as government policies tormented the automakers of America.

Although sales slid by almost 1/3 partly due to the two month long strike of the United Auto Workers at the Ford plants, and also later to allow time to tool up for the major restyling of the '69 models, the Mustang still easily outsold the competition.

This was to be the final year of the famous 289 engine as the stroke was increased to three inches while retaining its four inch bore, which calculated out to 302 cubic inches.

The new 302 engine was available with either 2v or 4v carburetors, while the 289 was only offered as a 2v.

To stimulate springtime sales in some areas, standard and deluxe coupes were fitted with exterior fiberglass modifications that was borrowed from Carroll Shelby's prototype ''Lil' Red'' coupe . '65 Thunderbird tail lights, twist type hood locks and a '67 grill with rectangular fog lights were also utilized to give these cars a more unique appearance. The ''California Special'', and the ''High Country Special'', (Colorado) were each sold in a specific area on a limited basis. They were referred to by many as the ''poor man's Shelby''.

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Performance was becoming more competitive, so in retaliation, Ford introduced their new version of the old FE engine on April first and dubbed it the ''428 Cobra Jet''. Very few Mustangs were produced with this mid year introduction.

The Shelby GT500 moniker was changed to GT500KR, or ''King of the Road'' for those equipped, to designate the more powerful engine.

Performance options were added to the new J-code 302 4v engine that propelled the GT350 for 1968.


Of the 4450 Shelbys produced in 1968 , 1124 were Convertibles.

Production of the Shelbys for 1968 was subletted out to a company named ''A.O.Smith'' in Iona, Michigan. The last Shelby's were assembled in 1969 at Ford's Dearborn assembly plant. Unsold '69 Shelbys were renumbered with 1970 Vin #s with a few minor modifications.

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1968 Mustang Engine Options:

A choice of eight different engine options.

200 c.i. @ 115 h.p. w/8.8:1 compression and a one barrel carburetor. Engine code 'T'

289 c.i. @ 195 h.p. w/8.7:1 compression and two barrel carburetor. Engine code 'C'

302 c.i. @ 210 h.p. w/9.0:1 compression and two barrel carburetor. Engine code 'F'

302 c.i. @ 230 h.p. w/10.0:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. Engine code 'J'

390c.i. @ 280h.p. w/10.0:1 compression and a two barrel carburetor. Engine code 'X'

390 c.i. @ 325 h.p. w/10.5:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. GT Engine code 'S'

427 c.i. @ 390 h.p. w/10.9:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. HP Engine code 'W'

428 c.i. @ 335 h.p. w/10.5:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. Cobra Jet Engine code 'R'


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1968 Ford Mustang Body Styles

2dr. Hardtop (65A) standard bucket - 233,472 built

2dr. Hardtop (65B) luxury bucket - 9,009 built

2dr. Hardtop (65C) bench seats - 6,113 built

2dr. Hardtop (65D) luxury bench seats - 853

2dr. Convertible (76A) standard bucket - 22,037 built

2dr. Convertible (76B) luxury bucket - 3,339 built

2dr. Fastback (63A) standard bucket - 33,585 built

2dr. Fastback (63B) luxury bucket - 7,661 built

2dr. Fastback (63C) bench seats - 1,079 built

2dr. Fastback (63D) luxury bench seats - 256 built

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1968 Ford Mustang Interior Trim Colors:

Black - bucket, vinyl - Code 2A; Decor Group Code 6A

Blue - bucket, vinyl - Code 2B; Decor Group Code 6B

Dark Red - bucket, vinyl - Code 2D; Decor Group Code 6D

Saddle - bucket, vinyl - Code 2F; Decor Group Code 6F
Ivy Gold - bucket, vinyl - Code 2G, Decor Group Code 6G

Aqua - bucket, vinyl - Code 2K; Decor Group Code 6K

Parchment - bucket, vinyl - Code 2U; Decor Group Code 6U

Nugget Gold - bucket, vinyl - Code 2Y; Decor Group Code 6Y
Black - bench comfortweave seats, vinyl - Code 8A; Decor Group Code 9A

Blue - bench comfortweave seats, vinyl - Code 8B; Decor Group Code 9B

Dark Red - bench comfortweave seats, vinyl - Code 8D; Decor Code Group 9D

Parchment - bench comfortweave seats, vinyl - Code 8U; Decor Group Code 9U
Black - bucket comfortweave, vinyl - Code 7A; Decor Group Code 5A

Blue - bucket comfortweave, vinyl - Code 7B; Decor Group Code 5B

Dark Red - bucket comfortweave, vinyl - Code 7D; Decor Group Code 5D

Parchment - bucket comfortweave, vinyl - Code 8U; Decor Group Code 5U

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1968 Mustang Exterior Colors

Raven Black - Code A

Royal Maroon - Code B

Acapulco Blue Metallic - Code D

Gulfstream Aqua Metallic - Code F

Lime Gold - Code I

Wimbledon White - Code M

Diamond Blue - Code N

Seafoam Green - Code O

Brittany Blue Metallic - Code Q

Highland Green Metallic - Code R

Candyapple Red - Code T

Tahoe Turquoise Metallic - Code U

Meadowlark Yellow - Code W

Presidential Blue Metallic - Code X

Sunlit Gold Metallic - Code Y

Pebble Beige - Code 6

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1968 Ford Mustang Transmission Codes:

3-speed manual - Code 1

4-speed manual - Code 5

C4 Automatic - Code W

C6 Automatic - Code U


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1968 Ford Mustang Rear Axle Codes



Limited Slip

2.75:1 - Code 1

2.79:1 - Code 2

2.83:1 - Code 4

3.00:1 - Code 5

3.20:1 - Code 6

3.25:1 - Code 4

3.50:1 - Code 8

3.10:1 - Code 9

3:00:1 - Code E

3.25:1 - Code F

3.25:1 - Code G

3.50:1 - Code H

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1968 Mustang Domestic Special Order (DSO)

Boston, Code 11

New York, Code 13

Newark, Code 15

Philadelphia, Code 16

Washington, Code 17

Atlanta, Code 21

Charlotte, Code 22

Jacksonville, Code 24

Richmond, Code 25

Cincinnati, Code 27

Louisville, Code 28

Cleveland, Code 32

Detroit, Code 33

Indianapolis, Code 34

Lansing, Code 35

Chicago, Code 41

Fargo, Code 42

Milwaukee, Code 43

Twin Cities, Code 44

Davenport, Code 45

Denver, Code 51
Des Moines, Code 52

Kansas city, Code 53

Omaha, Code 54

St. Louis, Code 55

Dallas, Code 61

Houston, Code 62

Memphis, Code 63
New Orleans, Code 64

Oklahoma City, Code 65

Los Angeles, Code 71

San Jose, Code 72

Salt Lake City, Code 73

Seattle, Code 74
Phoenix, Code 75

Ford of Canada, Code 81

Government, Code 83

Home Office Reserve, Code 84

American Red Cross, Code 85

Transportation Services, Code 89

Export, Code 90s