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Market research and a talented styling team from Ford presented the eagerly anticipated new personal sized family car to the American public on April 17, 1964 !

To keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, parts interchangeability was implemented. The new Mustang was based on an efficient platform that had already proven itself with the Falcon.

Nearly all the first half year Mustangs were assembled in Dearborn, Mich. at Ford's headquarters. A handful were also assembled at the tail end of production at San Jose plant in Milpedas, Ca.

Although a puny 170 c.i. inline 6 cyl. ( that was borrowed from the Falcon) was standard equipment, the majority of '64 1/2 cars were very highly optioned 260- 2V or the low compression 289 4V- V-8 equipped cars. Marketing figured out that a low advertised retail price would captivate the public's interest but options were the source of higher profits. Promotional strategy was programmed to match a performance image to it's sports design with a touch of elegance all at an affordable price.

Convertibles and coupes were the only body styles offered during the first six months of production.

Pleased by the numbers produced, Ford geared up its Metuchen, New Jersey and it's San Jose, California's assembly plants for the 1965 models.

Early 1965 Ford Mustang Body Styles:
2dr. Hardtop (65A) - 92,705 built

2dr. Convertible - (76A) 28,883 built

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Tiffany presented Ford with it's award for ''Excellence in American Design''.This was the first time an automobile had ever earned this prestigious award.

Ford in turn capitalized on the notoriety by offering the ''Tiffany Stripe'', a painted pinstripe that accentuated the body's side sculpted lines. Quarter ornaments were deleted on cars with this option .

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Early 1965 Ford Mustang Engine Options:
A choice of four different engines.

170 c.i. @ 105 h.p. w/9.1:1 compression and a one barrel carburetor. Engine code 'U'

260 c.i. @ 164 h.p. w/8.8:1 compression and a two barrel carburetor. Engine code 'F'

289 c.i. @ 210 h.p. w/9.0:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. Engine code 'D'

* 289 c.i. @ 271 h.p. w/10.5:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. HiPo Engine code 'K'

* (Built in June 1st, 1964 and mated to a four-speed manual transmission, only 7,273 were ever built for both early and late 1965 models. Models with the 'K' code 271hp 289 HiPo V-8 had the Special Handling Package (SHP) and came with a 9-inch rear end)

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Early production Mustang paint codes:

Raven Black - Code A

Pagoda Green - Code B

White (Pace Car Only) - Code C

Dynasty Green - Code D

Guardsman Blue - Code F

Caspian Blue - Code H

Rangoon Red - Code J

Silversmoke Gray - Code K

Wimbledon White - Code M

Prairie Bronze - Code P

Cascade Green - Code S

Sunlight Yellow - Code V

Vintage Burgundy - Code X

Skylight Blue - Code Y

Chantilly Beige - Code Z

Poppy Red - Code 3

Twilight Turquoise - Code 5

Phoenician Yellow - Code 7

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Early 1965 Ford Mustang Interior Trim Colors:

White/Blue - vinyl - Code 42

White/Red - vinyl - Code 45

White/Black - vinyl - Code 46

White/Ivy Gold - vinyl - Code 48

White/Palomino - vinyl - Code 49

Black - cloth and vinyl - Code 56

Blue/Blue - vinyl - Code 82

Red/Red - vinyl - Code 85

Black/Black - vinyl - Code 86

Palomino/Palomino - vinyl - Code 89

Early 1965 Ford Mustang Transmission Codes:
3-speed manual - Code 1

4-speed manual - Code 5

C4 Dual Range Automatic - Code 6




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Does anybody remember this Shaggy Ford Family?

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Gunther's '64 Ranchero is his daily driver!

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Original owners son now cares for this nice 1964 Galaxie.

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